About the Chemung County Industrial Development Agency

The Chemung County Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA) is a Public Benefit Corporation of the State of New York. Industrial Development Agencies were formed by a "Special Act" of the New York State Legislature in 1972, and are governed by the New York State Industrial Development Act to provide financial incentives to projects that have a positive economic impact on a community. The Chemung County IDA was created in 1975 by this special act at the request of the Chemung County legislature.

The Chemung County IDA consists of a seven-member Board of Directors, each of whom are appointed by the Chemung County Executive and ratified by the Chemung County Legislature. Southern Tier Economic Growth, Inc. contracts with the County of Chemung to provide staff support to the CCIDA.

Project Incentives & Benefits

The Chemung County IDA, if it so chooses and so long as a project is eligible, may provide a variety of tax incentives, financing, and/or related benefits to a broad range of projects that provide a positive economic impact within Chemung County, as follows.

  • Industrial Revenue Bonds - The CCIDA may issue debt in the form of bonds or notes. The interest on such debt is exempt from federal and state income taxes. This enables a borrower to access capital at below market rates.
  • Real Property Tax Abatement - Property owners pay a real property tax based on the assessed value of land and improvements to a site. Any real property owned or controlled by an IDA is not subject to ad valorem real property taxes. However, real property owned or controlled by an IDA continues to be subject to special assessments and user fees (water, sewer, fire, etc.). When an IDA takes title to or a leasehold interest in real property, the property becomes 100% exempt from ad valorem real property taxes. To accommodate the needs of the local tax jurisdictions, however, the IDA generally negotiates a Payment-In-Lieu-Of-Tax Agreement ("PILOT Agreement") with the company. The IDA will then direct, or receive and forward, these payments-in-lieu-of-taxes to the affected tax jurisdictions in the percentage that each affected tax jurisdiction would otherwise have received but for the IDA's involvement.
  • Sales Tax Abatement - An IDA project can be exempt from paying sales tax on tangible property during the construction or renovation of a project facility.
  • Mortgage Tax Abatement - An IDA project can be exempt from paying New York State mortgage tax or deed transfer taxes.

The Chemung County IDA utilizes the proceeds from fees charged to project applicants to purchase land and buildings in order to facilitate future economic development, such as the development of the Airport Corporate Park and the redevelopment of the long vacant Lagonegro School in to the Academic and Workforce Development Center. Funds are also used to construct industrial infrastructure such as roads, rail lines, water and sewer extensions/facilities.

Southern Tier Central Region Map

Map Showing Proximity to Population Centers in the Southern Tier Central Region